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I originally had an old crown that started causing me jaw pain especially after eating or chewing gum.  Went to the dentist and he said the crown had fractured and I needed a new one.  Still had pain with the temporary.  Now I've had the permanent one for a few days.  The tooth feels "strong" but it was really high and he had to adjust my bite. Funny thing, he filed opposing teeth (using the dye paper) before filing the new crown.  When he did I finally said that' she spot, but the damage has been done to teeth that weren't even worked on.  Now the jaw pain is still there and covering a bigger area.  Will this go away on it's own?  Will my mouth, jaw, and muscles adjust?   I'm worried he caused me permanent damage and I'm scared to go back.  Suggestions on the next step please.  Thank you.

It's a common practice to do minor adjustment on new crowns and/or opposing teeth to make sure that the bite is accurate. You situation is a little different because you've had pain even before the new crown was placed.
Ideally you need to know what's causing this pain. Is it nerve issue or bite issue. There are tests that the dentist is able to do to find out. If it's nerve problem then a root canal treatment is indicated, if not then you look into the bite and again there are tests to confirm that.
I'd definitely recommend that you go back to the dentist and have him take a look to see what's causing this pain.

Good luck.
Dr. Elsafi


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