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1)If a patient has only residual roots of a tooth left (at/or below the gumline) following an old root canal and that patient wishes to replace that corroded tooth with an implant - will the removal of the rest of that root-canaled tooth be more extensive and expensive for the dentist than a regular "residual root removal" of an untreated tooth?
2)I've been hearing a lot in the past couple of years about "mini implants". Does that simply mean the replacement of 2 neighboring teeth?
3) Will most dentists promote the removal of damaged... albeit "healthy" teeth if most of the patients other teeth are missing  or far beyond ordinary dental repair and the patient has requested implant replacement for all?

1-Yes because root-canalled tooth is usually brittle and prone to fracture.
2-Mini implants are intended to be temporary implants. Some dentists advocate and use them as permanent.
3-Sometimes a comprehensive treatment plan would require removal of one or more healthy teeth to provide implants replacement.

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I am a board-certified Maxillofacial Prosthodontist. I do head and neck prosthetic reconstruction for patients with congenital and acquired defects. This also includes trauma and cancer patients. I can answer questions about prosthetic rehabilitation of the head and neck area. I am also a board-certified prosthodontist and can answer questions about dental reconstruction including crowns, bridges, veneers, partial and complete dentures and implant restorations. I can also answer questions about TMJ problems. I can not answer about surgical reconstruction.


I am a board-certified prosthodontist and maxillofacial prosthodontist and have been practicing denitstry for over 15 years.

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