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i had full mouth rehab with 28 crowns leaving wisdom teeth in order to raise my vertical height of teeth ..   treatment was completed ok.. after sometime i felt some (1 or 2) high points .. bt the dentist did my entire right side upper and lower mostly pre molars not molars ... and sir now i am facing problems below -

1)pressure on lips while sitting idle or speaking ..
2)i feel like getting a high point touch in front of my teeth due to which i feel a gap and its causing stress (feeling restless)
3)muscles that were strong are now loose (well thats what i have noticed)

main question is -
So if i was to change some crowns (premolars maybe?) which ones should i go for lower ones or upper ones ?      does having an option in upper and lower ones effect the face muscles or its same for upper and lower ?
please help me on this one .. ihave felt a lot of effects in upper upper or lower raise of teeth .. so am confused ..
looking forward to ur reply.

ANSWER: Well...I need to clarify a few things before I can give you an answer.
1. You said you had 28 crowns and then you said the dentist did your entire right side. Did you mean re-did them after you had high points or what?
2. What do you mean by pressure on the lips. Do you feel the teeth are too far out. Is it more on the upper front teeth or the lower front teeth?
3. The high point touch on front teeth leaves you a gap in your back teeth. Right? Do you feel the same thing when you are laying on your back?
4. How long have you had these crowns?

Dr. Elsafi

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QUESTION: sure sir ,
1. crowns are 28 .   dentist did reduced high points from right upper and lower premolars and lower premolars from left side. he did reduced premolars a lil too much on the sides above mentioned..
2. lips are getting intact too much maybe cuz of reduced premolars . i think i dont have a problem in my anterior ones..
3. no there is no gap in back teeth ..( bite is shifted from premolars to molars by reducing premolars)..  and yes i do feel it the same every time no matter what position i am..
4. its been more than 4 months . every thing was ok untill he reduced high points instead of just one tooth that i was having high point..

so if i was to re do some of the crowns which would those be lower premolars or upper premolars ? does this have any effect ?  just need to know before getting started ..
i did consulted a few dentists they dont know much.. and i dont want to end in any worse situation.. so need your help on this one....

Well it depends on how the teeth look. If, for example, the upper teeth are all leveled and their look is appealing to you then the dentist can re do the lower, and vice versa.
It's hard for me to give you an exact answer without seeing how the teeth look.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Elsafi


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