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I recently had lower extractions and five implants placed. As I wait for healing, I am contemplating which type of implant supported denture I will be getting. Expense-wise I am currently planning to do the removable overdenture. However, I have Sjögren's syndrome and with that have an excessively dry mouth. I am wondering if a fixed would be better in light of this or if the fixed vs. removable types will be significantly different as to how they impact a very dry mouth. The temporary denture that I currently have certainly shows me that a traditional denture is very difficult with significant dry mouth issues and thus I made the correct decision to go the implant route. I use Biotene under the denture and often use Xylimelts and drink tons, but it is a constant problem and I am having a very difficult time keeping it snug enough without causing sores, etc. etc. Bottom line though is I am researching every way I can to try to make the wisest decision I can make about which type of implant denture. The fixed is clearly the ideal, but I wonder if a removable is still a good choice. The one concern I have about the fixed is, again with the dryness issues, keeping it clean enough under the denture and around the implants. I actually like the idea of the removable better in that respect. I am thinking a lot about the pros and cons but trying to do some research and get professional advice from several sources. It is a huge expense and I need to make the best educated decision that I can. Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated.

From my experience with cases like yourself fixed would be better because the removable overdenture still have movement that could cause soreness. As for cleaning under the fixed denture, your dentist can design the denture with the desired space from the gum. That would allow you to easily clean under the denture and around the implants. In addition, there are several oral hygiene products like waterpik that would help you clean those areas.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Elsafi


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