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I am one bridge away from replacing two partials.

The left lower side has two bridges (done approx 18 months ago). Right afterward, I had considerable pain which was relieved periodically by filing down the bridge. However, I also had pain when flossing the back of the last tooth. My dentist told me that the root is exposed under the crown and not to refrain from flossing that area.

Next, I had bridges done on the right side. The upper consists of a crown (on last molar) and a bridge to replace two missing teeth. The bottom is a single bridge. Since receiving those bridges, my bite has been off (the left side does not touch). I have two types of pain on the right... one caused by the pressure of chewing and another that seems to be a "cavity-like" pain (one of the upper "teeth" chipped within a week of the bridge being inserted --that was 4 months ago). I was told that the chip did not adversely affect the bridge. Yet, I typically have 2-4 toothache episodes every day which regularly require Tylenol. Sometimes the pain goes into my jaw, cheek, and ear (I suspect that the ear might be due to the uneven bite).

I have only six natural teeth left (all in the front). I brush with Sensodyne. Yet, the bridged areas remain very sensitive to cold. I've also had pain after eating soft items (such as oatmeal which I eat with a sugar substitute).

My dentist "sees nothing" when I complain about the pain (even on x-ray). If not for needing my bite to be even, I would be tempted to forego the last bridge. I'm so tired of being in pain all of the time. Am I being too impatient with the process?

The fact that your bite is off and your teeth don't touch on the left side is what causing the pain on the right side.
You need to show your dentist that your teeth are not touch on the left side and he needs to check and adjust that. You are basically overloading your teeth on the right side and that's why you feel the pain and the bridge chipped.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Elsafi


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