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tooth # 7 crown broken off
tooth # 7 crown broken  
My tooth nr. 7 had a crown for about 10 years. 3 days ago, the crown broke off. From the pulp, only a very small piece is left in the gum. The dentist I saw 2 days ago said that the tooth was not restorable, as it broke off at the gum-line, and the root was too short for a crown lengthening and a new crown. She proposed an extraction and an implant. I attached the x-ray.

Is this the best treatment proposal ?

I think the tooth could be saved if you are willing to do root canal treatment and then pull the tooth down orthodontically to give the restoring dentist a couple of millimeters of additional tooth structure to place the new crown on.
Otherwise, an implant could be an option too.


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