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Dear Sir,
My age is 77 years.Since last three years,I could manage with three bottom Jaw teeth,which were root-canalled.One after the other they failed & I had no choice but to visit dentist who advised to extract all bottom Jaw teeth,as they are broken/fractured at root in gums.He extracted about 11 teeth leaving behind two canine teeth in front.Fortunately my top raw is in good condition,without much decay.He did root canalling of couple of teeth of top jaw & gave me temporary denture for bottom jaw, at the end on March.
He did frequent adjustment/tuning as it was hurting on gums.I tried to chew but still i am not used to,though fitting is quite good.
At this age,I do not wish to go for Inplants,calling for grafting & prolonged expansive procedure for almost a year.
On my request,he proposed to go for RPD(bridge),with 3+3teeth on each side.with precision attachment on front canine teeth,as the only & best option.
I explore on Google & observed that FPD with precision attachment is preferred option,though it may be more expensive.However my dentist observed some loss of bone-thickness on right-side,on taking 3D images with denture in position.
Kindly give your frank opinion on followings points of concerned:
1.I may not get used to RPD,(as is the case now with temporary denture)then would you advise for FPD.(calling for removal,if required, only by dentist)
What are the advantages & disadvantages of FPD?
2.If I am better of with FPD for another 3-5 years I am happy,as I prefer to get rid of daily exercise of removing & cleaning of RPD!!!..I hope,I shall be able to brush in normal way with FPD.
3.whether you envisage any serious problem on using FPD.
4.Whether RPD will offer better performance in chewing as I am not comfortable after a month or so!
Sir,I feel,by way of compulsion I am get tuned to FPD,as RPD option might not be available thereafter!
I may be excused for my foolish query but your comment will mean a lot to me,as my dentist in open for either of the options.
In any case my dentist is of the opinion that bridge type partial denture-RPD or FPD will offer more ease in chewing against the present one of Acrylic plastic.
Kindly respond & oblige.
with warm regards,

Dear Anil,

please forgive me for my late reply,i was unable to respond due to being hospitalized.

in my opinion any removable denture is always a last resort when there are other fixed options such as implants and bridges. there is also the possible option of implant retained denture using mini implants which can be place in one appointment once the denture have been made.Your dentist would much better qualified than i to give you advice however.

I am sorry i couldn't be of more help  

Andrew Pattinson dipcdtRCS(Eng)


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