Barney wrote at 2012-11-23 05:12:56
To add to the subject of adultery, here is my take on sex between two people without a marriage certificate. God says don't have sex without being married. So, what is marriage? Example of two: 1) two poeple get married the traditional way. A minister marries them, talks about giving the marriage to God, and then the official marriage license from the courthouse. At no time did either party take the vows seriosly about God, but they said "yes" anyway. Example 2): two people go down to the river and seriosly devote their union to God, reading scripture about marriage from the Bible and other things about God will be the CENTER of their "marriage", and they really MEAN it. That's all they do. So..... which is really marriage as God looks at it? I say the latter. Most people, even most pastors, would disagree with this.


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