Barney maybe you should tell him that your mother doesn't go to church alone, she has a little dementia,she is cared for 24hrs a day and you live with her. I think he would get a better idea don't you?

Thank you for my 1st question as I've just joined Allexperts, and I thank them for giving the public this forum to ask questions. And, I also thank them for allowing me to b e a part of it. I will take this role very seriously. And again, congratulations Norma for being my 1st one! You obviously have been reding on this site, as you have seen that I have been the questioner on here recently, and I probably still will ask questions to our other experts. Even though they are "experts", I will question even them when I think they are wrong. Being given a title of "expert" does not always make them one; just as you may not agree with me on some answers, and that's fine.
Now, as to your question, you are probably right. I should have given him more information about my mother, and he was right in saying there's not a certainty of her salvation based on the information . I am disappointed though in his response to my follow up question when he said it looked like I had already made up my own mind. Although it hinted at that, I did not say that, and he probably was out of line in saying that. I will always show respect to my questioners, as they deserve that. Especially coming from "experts" in the religion category, we have to always be ready to set a good Christian example.
Excuse me for being so wordy here, because I said I would be quick to respond and have a short concise answer (sometimes a longer answer may be necessary though). Since this is my 1st question though, I thought I'd take the time to explain my position more, as it may other potential questioners to know where I stand.
I love answering questions on salvation though. After all, it's the most important subject for all of us.If you aren't saved you really have nothing .All I'll mention extra here on the subject is that everybody should be VERY careful to make SURE they are saved. I just saw a special on TV yesterday on TBN's salute to Billy Graham on his 94th birthday, a TRUE man of God. He has been quoted many many times as saying, "80 % of all church members are probably NOT saved!"


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Barney McNeill


I can answer questions about the Bible and Christianity, especially as it pertains to evangelical Bible Belt Protestantism. I listen very well to God to give me discernment. I will not be able to answer questions along the lines of pre-tribulation, mid and post, and questions the like about Calvinism and the Reformation. Those are not questions that particularly interest me. I will be different in that I will be coming straight from the Bible Belt, an area many think is the strongest area of Christianity in America.I will answer very quickly when I am available, and it probably will be short and to the point. I will seek to find answers outside my discernment when it is found necessary.


You will be conversing with a fairly new Christian, as I've been saved for only 14 years, although I am a senior citizen. Let's just say Leviticus 25 and the Jubilee was very real to me! My jubilee has continued ever since that time. I have studied the Bible extensively for the last 14 years.I have been outreach director, Sunday school teacher, started a singing ministry at nursing homes, housing projects, etc., and I am the only distibutor of a Christian-based free publication in my city. I have been doing this for the past 12 years.I also have had 8 years experience of being on Christian radio.

I currently am the founder of a local Christian Alliance that seeks to stand up about our losing our Christian values, and to spread God's message in these last days before it's too late. This organization is for those looking for a non-traditional church experience, but also solicits church members from all evangelical churches to work together to see these goals come to fruition. I have been doing this for the past 10 years.

BS degree. I have completed several Bible-based courses such as Experiencing God and Celebrate Recovery, which is Rick Warren's 12 step Christian ministry.

Past/Present Clients
I am a volunteer chaplain at a local hospital. I am finishing up my 2nd year. I see about 15 patients every week.

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