Mr. Chartier, why do you bracket some words in the scriptures you post in response to questions?

Hello Phil,

Generally my Scripture quotations are copied directly from an online KJV, where the brackets are already in place; I simply don't remove them. If you look up the references in a printed Bible, you'll find that the words I have in brackets are italicized. What this indicates is that the word was inserted by translators and did not appear in the original Greek or Hebrew text. Generally these are words that were added to make the grammar flow more smoothly in English, but sometimes the helpful additions are not so helpful. In any event, that's what brackets (or italics) indicates in Bible verses.

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- Lucan Chartier


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I have nine years experience as an evangelist and eight as an assistant pastor and youth counselor. I've spent a little over thirteen years investigating various religions - Protestantism included - by speaking to leading officials therein and discussing the basis of their beliefs.

I have experience answering questions dealing with Protestantism in general, ranging from the history and origins of the movement to the specific doctrines and beliefs of many denominations therein.

I can answer questions regarding the differences in various denominations, religious liberty, religious history, and Biblical prophecy. I have spent several years studying and answering questions on doctrine and theology, using the Word of God as the basis for what is true and false.

I greatly to answer questions based on fact - what does the Word of God say, what does history say, and what does it not say. Beyond that, please don't ask for or expect my mere opinions, because I am not in the habit of giving them.


My specialty is in Seventh-day Adventist theology and history, however I have studied the Reformation and virtually every Christian denomination I have encountered in order to have a more complete and unbiased understanding of their beliefs and how they came to be.

I have been active in documenting and questioning the beliefs of Christian denominations for over thirteen years, ranging from discussions with leading individuals within the organizations to reading the books and materials provided by such groups.

I have had an abiding interest in Protestantism in general, from the time of Wycliffe on, for approximately fifteen years, and have gathered a reasonable amount of knowledge of the topic in that time.

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