I am a Presbyterian pastor with some 34 years of wonderful, productive ministry.  I have recently faced the startling prospect that in about 2 years I will be out, retired.  I had thought that even in retirement I would continue on preaching and teaching but this is not as easy to do today as it was 10 years ago.
   A very frightening realization is that my wife and I have no direction of where to go.  We know we must leave this area we have lived in for almost 30 years because we don't want to hinder the next pastor. All of our friends and contacts are here but I am sure everything will end suddenly when we have to move.   We have two boys in professions in Wash, DC and in Phil. but they are busy with their lives and we cannot afford to buy a house there.  I know the Lord has always led us to be where we are and will continue but we are totally stymied as to any kind of planning of choosing where to go and don't want to wait till the last minute.  Do you have any guidance?

Don, Thank you for having confidence in me for helping you answer this fairly complicated question. I say "fairly" because you have already answered it basically, because you're statement already says, "I know the Lord has always led us, and He will CONTINUE to do so.". So, pray earnestly and continually and He'll show you the answer.
Continuing though, as I've also prayed for guidance in "helping" you answer this (yes, I'm praying for guidance in answering you AND that He'll show YOU and your WIFE the ANSWER.)
1st, you say you want to continue to preach and teach. I would think your denomination would let you continue this in some fashion. Have you thought of doing this with another denomination? I've known several Baptists who've preached as Methodists and vice versa. I'll admit I don't know that much about your denomination though. My preference is non-denominational, and I'm familiar with Baptists.

You say you must move. Are you sure you have to in order to not hinder the other pastor? You may know something I don't though. It appears you all don't want to move though. May the Lord bless you as you contemplate His will in your life. Again, thank you for contacting me. As you look at my history, I get very few responses, but I'm always willing to help where I can. If I can help you in any other way, or I haven't clarified my response like you desire, don't hesitate to ask me again. Hey, I'm here for you, and again, I'm humbled that you asked me.


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I can answer questions about the Bible and Christianity, especially as it pertains to evangelical Bible Belt Protestantism. I listen very well to God to give me discernment. I will not be able to answer questions along the lines of pre-tribulation, mid and post, and questions the like about Calvinism and the Reformation. Those are not questions that particularly interest me. I will be different in that I will be coming straight from the Bible Belt, an area many think is the strongest area of Christianity in America.I will answer very quickly when I am available, and it probably will be short and to the point. I will seek to find answers outside my discernment when it is found necessary.


You will be conversing with a fairly new Christian, as I've been saved for only 14 years, although I am a senior citizen. Let's just say Leviticus 25 and the Jubilee was very real to me! My jubilee has continued ever since that time. I have studied the Bible extensively for the last 14 years.I have been outreach director, Sunday school teacher, started a singing ministry at nursing homes, housing projects, etc., and I am the only distibutor of a Christian-based free publication in my city. I have been doing this for the past 12 years.I also have had 8 years experience of being on Christian radio.

I currently am the founder of a local Christian Alliance that seeks to stand up about our losing our Christian values, and to spread God's message in these last days before it's too late. This organization is for those looking for a non-traditional church experience, but also solicits church members from all evangelical churches to work together to see these goals come to fruition. I have been doing this for the past 10 years.

BS degree. I have completed several Bible-based courses such as Experiencing God and Celebrate Recovery, which is Rick Warren's 12 step Christian ministry.

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I am a volunteer chaplain at a local hospital. I am finishing up my 2nd year. I see about 15 patients every week.

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