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I know that "the spirit of the animal...goes down to the earth" (Ecc. 3:21, NKJV) for at least a time. The Resurrection of the Dead would bring back those animals, I assume. However, what happens to animals who were used to do wicked deeds—such as the dogs owned by Southerners who would kidnap and re-enslave African-American slaves and the dogs owned by Nazis? I've always wondered about that and have never had the courage to ask.

Nicole, thanks for your question. I hope your day and night has been wonderful, especially since we're in probably the most Christian time of the year: Thanksgiving, followed shortly by Christmas.
Now, to your question, and this is truly a good one as people have always wondered about animals in heaven, especially their own loved ones. I suspect bible experts as well as novice ones alike are still scratching their head about  the answer to this one. I think the reason is Nicole,  that the Bible isn't clear on it. Your verse you quoted also is a little unclear, but I applaud you for bringing it up, as very few quote that one.
Your comment about wicked dogs is interesting, as we do find "loveable" dogs and ones who are not so much.Dogs are my favorite of all animals,and I suspect they are yours. I don't think that the personality (and deeds)of the dog determines their afterlife though (even if there is one). I really believe humans are God's special "creature", and He will judge them much differently than other creatures. In fact, I don't think He will judge anyone else.
My suggestion Nicole is for you not to fret about this, as we really don't know. There's so much we don't know about heaven (and the afterlife), so why worry about it. There is a possibilty that we will have our favorite pet with us in heaven though, as I believe it will be the most beautiful place in the world ( and beyond,so to speak) to us, and IF one of the most beautiful things to us has been our relationship with our pets, then MAYBE.... I'm sorry if I haven't been clear on this one Nicole, but I truly don't know this answer. If you have any more questions though, don't hesitate to ask.  


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