Hi, I always enjoyed watching bible movies and learning about it, even if it's hard to remember everything I've learned. There's a lot of information, just like with any other subject. Is it weird that in the past, and even now I don't necessarily say I'm any specific religion, but consider myself a man of God? I guess I just like the phrasing of it better.

2nd, is there a difference between Christianity and Protestants? They both believe in God. But, in general, is there some kind of difference? I thought Protestants protest, in other words that might not agree with God on everything. Now, everyone is their own person, so even if they are Protestant, don't mean they protest, if that's the difference that is.

If there is no difference, the. Why is there 2 different words for he same religion?


Hi Aaron. Sorry for the slight delay. I missed your question yesterday, as I do check questions, but just missed it somehow. Thanks for the interesting questions. As to the 1st,I enjoy watching Bible movies too. Yes, one can always learn something from them. Just be careful as some are not quite factual as they should, but for the most part, I think they're good. Lately though, some "Hollywood" movies like NOAH and EXODUS have scenes in there that are not factual, like the Rock People and trying to explain Moses' (God's) miracles as natural causes (not supernatural). But, as I said, I think they're OK for the most part. Any bible-type movie is always better than most of the junk that's in most modern day movies (esp. the sex and language and violence).
As to the question, you state you say you're not a specific religion. I assume you mean denomination, as I'm assuming you're of the Christian religion. Saying you're a man of God is good. I don't see anything wrong with it. You've hit on something that I believe basically. Jesus started ONE church. There were no denominations with Him. We really should be that way now. It's just that if one attends any type of church at all, there are some that we like more than others. Whatever that church is, then one would associate that with the closest denomination. That's why I consider myself a protestant, as that is the kind of churches I like the most ( I personally can relate to Pentecostal- related and Baptist churches the most). Really though, we all should be "men of God".
Now, as to your 2nd question: Protestants are Christians. Without looking it up specifically (feel free to look up Martin Luther, who started the protestant movement around 1300 I believe), as I want to answer you quickly,Protestants basically got their name because they protested the Catholics in much of their beliefs. So, many denominations sprang up from that, like Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, etc. The Catholic church was the dominant Christian denomination years ago, and it still is big. So basically, you have Catholics and Protestants now in the world in Christianity. So, if you're a strong Christian and generally don't like the Catholic religion, then you're probably a Protestant.
I won't go into more here about what Protestants didn't like about the Catholics, as I've probably written enough as it is, as I don't want to confuse you. You can easily find out about anything on the internet now though. I hope I've answered your questions Aaron. Please feel free to ask me anytime about Christianity. It is my passion, and I hope it's yours too, as I know you're a MAN OF GOD!


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I can answer questions about the Bible and Christianity, especially as it pertains to evangelical Bible Belt Protestantism. I listen very well to God to give me discernment. I will not be able to answer questions along the lines of pre-tribulation, mid and post, and questions the like about Calvinism and the Reformation. Those are not questions that particularly interest me. I will be different in that I will be coming straight from the Bible Belt, an area many think is the strongest area of Christianity in America.I will answer very quickly when I am available, and it probably will be short and to the point. I will seek to find answers outside my discernment when it is found necessary.


You will be conversing with a fairly new Christian, as I've been saved for only 14 years, although I am a senior citizen. Let's just say Leviticus 25 and the Jubilee was very real to me! My jubilee has continued ever since that time. I have studied the Bible extensively for the last 14 years.I have been outreach director, Sunday school teacher, started a singing ministry at nursing homes, housing projects, etc., and I am the only distibutor of a Christian-based free publication in my city. I have been doing this for the past 12 years.I also have had 8 years experience of being on Christian radio.

I currently am the founder of a local Christian Alliance that seeks to stand up about our losing our Christian values, and to spread God's message in these last days before it's too late. This organization is for those looking for a non-traditional church experience, but also solicits church members from all evangelical churches to work together to see these goals come to fruition. I have been doing this for the past 10 years.

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