Christian writers have said that God allows evil because he created man with choice and if he did not allow man to sin by choice he would have robots instead of humans. But if God cannot sin does that make him a robot?  Thank you.

Ray, thank you for a very interesting question. It tells me you are a thinker, to be sure. God-a robot? I've heard God called many things, but a robot; that's something I've never heard. I really wouldn't call Him a robot, since that doesn't seem to fit the Creator of everything! I would think more holy names would befit God.
The problem with this line of thinking is trying to put a label on the One that started the rules, so I would say God is exempt. He made Man, so He applies the rules to him; there are no rules for the Creator because as He says" I am that I am!".
Ray, as to evil existing, I think there are several reasons why it exists: two being without thinking too much on it are the fact that God tempts us to see if we are true to Him to stay away from evil, and also evil will always be here on this earth as a result of Adam's original sin. Again, thanks for a very good question. If you have more, don't hesitate to ask.


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