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Dr. Elmore,

I am a graduate student with 42/48 hours in a counseling program and 18/33 in a counseling psychology program, and I need help!  I can work well with other people, but when it comes to applying what I know to me, it's a different story.

I bite my nails... I've bitten them as long as I've had teeth (and I'm 30 years old, now).  I've tried polishes, diaries, rubber bands, distractions, band-aids, counseling... and so far nothing has worked.

I've had so many infections that it's absolutely ridiculous, and last night while watching a movie I managed to completely remove a nail from the bed in its entirety... I started biting because it felt dry and 'odd.' and just kept going because it didn't feel right... before long, I realized that the white moon of the nail was completely separated.

This is just out of control and it's to the point now where it might actually be seriously dangerous.  I'm taking 100mg of Zoloft for general anxiety and social phobia... I've read plenty of research that says SSRIs help mitigate the biting by 30-60% and can only imagine what havoc would befall my nails if I weren't taking the medication.

Do you have any suggestions?




You are doing the right thing by availing yourself of this medication for your, nail biting.

You would also benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD behaviors.

Remember too that you are probably at the peak of stress in your young life and that even if you did nothing at all this terrible habit will fade as you get settled in your adult life.

I have had a handlebar mustache since I was 17.  I pulled on it so badly when I was in graduate school that I shaved it off and all my friends just laughed at me because I looked ridiculous without it.  I was teaching undergraduates in Research Methodology at the time and a couple of students stayed after class one day to ask study questions.  Just before she left one of them said, can I ask you a question?  Why do you do this all the time?"  She mimicked me yanking on my sideburns!  So I grew the mustache back.  If I had shaved my head I probably would have pulled my eyebrows.

You have these new forms of treatment and will probably do very well with them.  It is important to know that your nervous habit is based in the reality of this time of your life, and while "bad," it is certainly not as bad or dangerous as many other nervous habits.

Good luck.

Dr. Elmore

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