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Hey, I was recently (a couple months back) diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Although I do see that I fit some of the criteria, such as self harm, self hate, not wanting to be alone or abandoned, and suicide attempt. I still don't seem to relate to what a lot of Borderline people seem to say about how they feel and everything.

They are often stating how they "love someone one moment and hate them the next," That really doesn't happen to me at all, in fact I don't really understand that. Also I constantly hear about people with borderline having fits of anger or rage. I am pretty much the opposite of angry. I very rarely am angry. In fact a lot of the time in situations when most people would be angry, I am just sad. And although I don't 'see' manipulate behaviors in myself, I could be just not seeing something in myself that is there, because you don't always see yourself as clearly as you are.

Hmm I am just not sure about the diagnosis. I mean it's undeniable that i do fit some criteria, but it's just that I guess I don't fit the stereotypical stuff.

Basically I am not angry, don't flip flop the way I feel about people, and don't think I am manipulative. I generally blame everything on myself for every situation and feel guilty all the time. I don't know I just thought I'd mention that.

Well so what do you think? I agree with the part that they say I'm depressed, but the borderline diagnosis just irks me.

What do you think? Could I be borderline, or have they gotten it wrong?

Thank you!

You may be depressed rather than Borderline. Blaming everything on yourself for every situation and feeling guilty all the time, could feed depression and may come from unhealthy parents who failed to give you the carng you needed as a child. The resulting negatve self-talk feeds the depression and should be the focus of the help you need.

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