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QUESTION: For more than a year, i have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My most recent attack was manic. It is hereditary for us to be bipolar since my cousins on my mother's side and my eldest sister is also bipolar. My psychiatrist gave me medications such as Olanzapine 10 mg and DIVALPROEX SODIUM 500 mg taken once daily. My problem is i'm being too queit:like i don't talk at all.And i don't feel being conversant with people, especially with my old friends. Sometimes my mind goes blank and im having difficulty understanding.I know that im a quiet person before, but this time i don't really talk.Way back in college when i wasn't still bipolar, I made friends, txted a lot, and even courted a girl and had a gf. Now i can't even court a girl coz i'm have struggling ti have even short conversations. I beleive i'm having social anxiety disorder, or a form of personality avoidance.i've read it on wikipedia. The Article says "Sociability is closely tied to Dopamine neurotransmission. Misuse of stimulants like amphetamine to increase self-confidence is common." How true is this? Does my medication (Olanzapine and Divalproex) also contain Dopamine? What should i do to improve my sociability?? And oh, i smoke 2-3 sticks of cigarettes a day.Tnx

How I see your situation is : bipolar disorder means period with manic and period with sad. This disorder came to a quiet structure and now in your sad moments you are more quiet. I recommend you to talk to your psychiatrist because with correct medication you can have a equilibrium between sad and manic. I also think that you can go to a psychotherapist to improve your social life.
To answer to your question Olanzapine has a higher affinity for serotonin receptors and dopamine receptors, so this is the way that it acting.

I think it's useless to study on internet all this effects and you can talk to your doctor all the aspects that you observe.
I, like a psychotherapist, I consider everyone an individual and the affection is particular to every person. You have done the first step and you realized that your social life is affected and now you can work on this aspect, alone or with a specialist.

I wish you all the best,
psih. Anca Gurza

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QUESTION: So is it because of Olanzapine that im being quiet..? i've talked to my psychiatrist of this being quiet, but she doesn't seem to believe me and she says im only overexerting myself. But i do have friends who says im not that quiet back in college days.That is why im looking for second opinions from experts such as you. Should i take medication with higher levels of dopamine?
There isn't any psychotherapist i know of in our city, and i have no idea where to begin working on this such as you speak.. Have you heard of Social anxiety disorder? i think this is my problem, being too shy and not being able to express can i cure this?

I think you should have in mind the disorder that you sufferer and do not forget that it changes your some aspects of your life. Beyond that, we are in a changing personality and is likely to not keep things the same from one period of life to another. It happens sometimes that those who were popular in high school, sociable to become more reserved and vice verse. I do not think your standard should be "just as I was in high school."
Some of the things that you say are due to the effects of drugs. I recommend you do not search the internet to identify disorders because a diagnosis can not put reading on the net. There are some indicators that follow, are questions that are put real and available, you must meet certain conditions to persist during certain periods. Given all this you may be reserved to seek a diagnoses.
Good luck,
psih. Anca Gurza

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I am a certified Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist by the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy, European Association for Psychotherapy. I practice psychotherapy in accordance with the ethical code of those institutions.

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