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I'm 25 year old male I've been on paxil CR 25mg which I take every morning for the past 1 and half years, after trying citalopram,fluvoxamine,sertraline,escitalopram. My panic disorder/anxiety is best kept at bay with paxil CR 25mg the only draw back is the chronic insomnia with this drug, I cannot sleep at all, when I do sleep my sleep is not consistent I play sport and train intensly I've consulted a sports doctor who is concerned about my lack of sleep and its effect on my performance. So far I've tried zopiclone,zolpidem and dormonoct these were recommended by my sports doctor due to them being short acting which eliminates the possibility of a hang over the next day. Dormonoct worked great initially at 1mg at night it now  no longer works.

Can you assist me? Like possibly give me an opinion with regards to counteracting this side effect of paxil CR taking into account that I train and play sport. I am sure their are drugs used for this type of insomnia which have an off label use

I look foward to hearing from you
Many thanks

Paxil CR usually causes somnolence.......strange it is causing insomnia....are you also taking other drugs??
Mirtazapine is a better drug in this case. But it is best to consult your treating psychiatrist before taking any medication.
Dr. Kalra

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