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Hello doctor, Please excuse my language I am from abroad.

My problem is that I need to prove that I was wrongly diagnose this diagnosis: F92.8 - Mixed disorders of conduct and emotions during puberty.

The diagnosis I was determined after 3 weeks of hospitalization in psychiatry, which I consider to be unfounded. The said hospitalization was designed for adult psychiatrist after a short session that was initiated by my general practitioner.

The actual appointment with my general practitioner was due to the fact that I am under medical report continuously during the 3 days of refusing to communicate with others. This claim is untrue.

After this test, I passed on the same day examination a psychiatrist, after examination by the medical report said I was autistic and mutisticky and that I wanted to end my life. The aforementioned facts are lies. I claimed no such thing. And my parents to testify as witnesses. I was admitted with a diagnosis of 32.3 F which is a very serious diagnosis, and is in contrast with the diagnosis of F 92.8, which I was released.

Then I was sent back to the actual hospitalization in the psychiatric hospital. When the input "interview" I have argued that there is no reason for hospitalization, but finally I agreed with her and to be in the naive belief that a healthy person can not yet diagnose any disease / disorder.

During hospitalization, I therefore tried to prove that I'm healthy. Gate report noted that with me no signs of disturbance showed what was eventually summarized in sluice report that in addition, but noted that in the forefront of the clinical picture is dominated mentioned fault. The report states that I have an above-average intelligent without pathological manifestations, yet I F92.8.

During the "treatment" I officially enjoyed Rispen that I always just threw. My parents nepriali that I was taking any medication, or disagreed with the hospital but in the end I myself and they decided to accept.

Never before or after a de facto or during treatment I have not taken any psychiatric medication. Never before or since I did not visit any psychiatrist.

At school, however, on my "psychological problems" learned a few people and soon learned about my classmates. Never before (or after) with me no one had any problems.

But after it became clear to me people began to avoid. It was very humiliating because I started to learn about each other stories to give people watch how I take it a dangerous psychotic. Given these facts were not based and not based on truth it was a slander.

Educational consultant noted that classmate was careful because I take medication. Something like that but not verified. Ambiguously notes were fairly common. Truly insane person would not hold. Still, I successfully graduated and finished school but almost no friends. I did not have the power to delete slander was an unfortunate combination of my nature and tightened their efforts to protect themselves against "mentally ill". If I had to be ready to add everything. I am fully aware that my claim is not enough to just my internally conviction.

Doctor, please what actions may I do ? I have been informed in WEB that psychiatrists aren't responsible for their diagnosis and de facto have got absolute power. Is this really truth ? Because I suppose it's absurd.

Thank you."

Hi, denied, no, I don't know any way to do this. In effect, you are asking to be able to travel back in time, and then to stop someone from writing on a piece of paper. Once it is there, in medical records, it is extremely rare, and likely illegal, to have it changed.

I dont know what country you are from, but usually such information is supposed to be confidential, and sharing it with people other than the doctors is likely illegal.  

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