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Hi, my husband was diagnosed with BiPolor two years ago.  Once diagnosed I recognized the signs coming from 10yrs ago. He had gotten VERY depressed so I made him get on a depressant which we now know he's not supposed to do only that and he went full on manic for about 2-3 months. I fully believed in multiple personality at that time, he was totally somebody else. Then he just 'woke up' realized what all he had done (after 15 yrs together he thought he was in love w/ this other crazy woman 7mo pregnant w/ another married mans baby). He went into a deep depression and thought of suicide constantly. He got help and on meds and hasn't gone manic since then (not full on anyway, a few episodes while trying to settle the meds). The problem now is depression. He works during the week as an ICU charge nurse at night an hr away. Every other weekend he spends around 70hrs in bed straight. He doesn't talk, eat, drink, get up nothing. I will bring his meds to him and leave it by the bed, he promises he takes them with a sip of soda. Its been a yr of this. At first I would get angry, try to force him up but he just can't. He says he is so deeply depressed he can't move, he thinks of suicide even though he wouldn't do it. He says he sees himself jumping off buildings, driving off a bridge, not real things but it still disturbs him. The thing is, he lost his job last summer (partly from this, a coworker knew he had it and told their bosses he was doing drugs b/c he was crazy and he passed the drug test and everything but they still fired him on 'suspicion'. It killed him but we got through it). While looking for a job for 2.5months, he did not do this. He was depressed but not to the point of not getting up.
Im wondering, does he need to go to day shift? Take a less stressfull job? Not work at all? I want whats best for him, we will make anything work. He cant live like this. All he does is work and sleep. I just know he didn't do this while not working, but is back to it almost automatically.

Regular hours is the key, not necessarily a day shift, but he should go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

Stress depends on the person.  Yes, a low stress job is better, but a nurse might find being a cashier stressful and being a nurse fun and relaxing.

He should be seeing his psychiatrist regularly, you should be able to talk to the psychiatrist regularly (he has to give permission but he should give you permission) and he should continue with his therapist.

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