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I have a problem with being bored all of the day, I dont find interest in things I used to such as video games, I dont listen to music as much as I used to, and I find I just spend most my time going from one obsession to another(I do have OCD), for example right now my obsession is with an investment I made with some money so I keep checking the price and reading the same forum about it all the time. I look forward to eating but other than that I try to sleep things off, I sleep over 12 hours per day.

Hello, Michael

It's good that you recognize the symptom as simple boredom. Frequently changing interests due to feeling bored are typical consequences of OCD, and you'll be happy to know that they can be not only managed but put to good use.   

I'll give you a remedy in an analogy. Suppose a person has a huge appetite -- he has to be eating something all day. But he loses interest in any food that he eats for a while.

The obvious solution lies in menu planning. He's not a professional cook, so he needs help in the form of ideas, foods to try, and an attempt to identify common characteristics of different foods that he enjoys (at least for a while), to point to what other kinds of foods should go on future menus.

I don't know enough (your age, interests and potential, and what resources are available) to offer specific suggestions, but I hope you can take it from here. If not, feel free to send a follow-up.

Sleep-needs are rather individual, and if you are on medication, that can also affect them. If it remains a concern, there are sleep clinics that can diagnose the reason.  

I hope the above comments will point you in a useful direction, I thank you for asking us, and wish you the best of fortune in managing this awkward condition.


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