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My best friend has DID. She needs me to be there for her because she can not go to a doctor. I need to figure out how to talk to her protector without injuring her or myself in order to know what happened to her to cause DID so that I can help her the best I can.

Hi Sue

She's lucky to have you as a friend. But we don't know much about the various dissociative disorders, and next to nothing about the cause (or the cure).

It's impossible to answer your question based on the information provided. I don't know, for instance, where the present diagnosis came from, why she can't go to someone (preferably a neuropsychiatrist) at least for advice on management, why your concern about injury, details about her protector, and what mental-health resources there are in your community.

So the only suggestion I can make is that you discuss this with someone in the area such as a clinical social worker or an intake worker at a local hospital's psychology or psychiatry wing, to get a handle on how you can try to help. Before you get the answer, expect to have a discussion on issues such as those I listed above.

I can imagine what it's like for you because it's such a baffling and disturbing condition. You may want to know that most MPD patients are female, and one-third have temporal lobe epilepsy -- which can be diagnosed and treated.

So I'm really sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but I hope I've provided a little direction for your next step. In any case, thanks for asking us and good luck with this.


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