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I wanted to rearrange some things in my apartment. I had 15 shoe boxes full of jewelry that I decided to get rid of. The jewelry were to tangled to keep and it would be too time consuming to try and detangle all of the jewelry in the boxes. However, I made sure that I got all the loose change that was in the boxes. A lot of the change was gold coins that were a dollar a piece, or quarters, or Susan B. Anthony.

But when I got rid of the jewelry (I threw the boxes down the incinerator) I started to doubt if I got all the money. Reason being before I threw the jewelry away I spot checked about five of the shoe boxes (there were 15 boxes in total) and did retrieve some money that I didnt see before, but I didnt check all the boxes to make sure I retrieved all the money.

Now I am very worried that I didnt get all the money out of the shoe boxes. However, I did check each box as I put them in the cart to be wheeled to the incinerator to make sure I got the money. But then at the last minute before throwing them out as I said I decided to spot check five. But after I threw them away then my insecurity came shining through and I started to doubt myrself.


I think your anxiety is normal especially if you had valuable coins in the boxes. But it's all history now, water under the bridge. Grief the possible loss and move on. What would you have done differently if you had it to do over again? What's done is done.

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