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hello m 22yr old guy... 4 months back i had some exams in which i had to appear 6th time... after failing in 5th attempt i really got hurt after failing... but still had faith on god nd loved my frnds (g.f) nd family alot and everythng ws goin well but when the exams were approaching i got so much nervous tht i skipped those exams and after that i lost complete control on my life.. sitting at home doing nothing... feel like insane person lost the feelings of love with everyone... also there was one problem with me i luved my g.f alot but this stupid gay porn masturbation is taking my life... i feel so unreal.. i had a beautiful life.. just cant control doing wrong wid myself... what should i do.. m the only son and have 2 sisters nd mom dad.. they love me alot... completely lost trust on myself...

Hello Rahul,

I am very sorry for my late answer and also for your struggle.
It is very natural to feel lost after you experience this situation but maybe you should think a little bit about your past successes and the things that you did well before and consider the fact that if you knew how to do that in the past, it is still possible in the present time. You just have to remember the feeling of success and the feelings of being strong and prepared and after that you should try to consider the possibility of passing that exam. Think about the future and the day after the exam and all the joy that will come with your successful examination.
Regarding the other issue maybe you could consider addressing that to a local psychotherapist. Sexuality is a very complex aspect of our life and it will be more relevant for you if you discuss this face to face with a therapist.

I wish you all the best,
Ileana Truica

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