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To start off I was bullied allot in school. My high school years were me being shunned. I had no friends my week ends and nights were always spent alone. I was told that people hated me because I talked allot. It's now a year after high school and I hate my self, I am always depressed and I have suicidal thoughts. I have anxiety around everyone because am scared there going to tell me to shut up or there just going to ignore me like am a ghost. I have an amazing boyfriend and he does everything to help me but am still sad. Very very sad. I have a best friend now in my new town but I can't even call her when am sad because I feel that am not important even though she tells me to all the time. I also suffer from chronic pain because of osteoporosis at the age of 18. Life seems to be hopeless. I have the lowest self esteem, I was told that I was ugly and fat through out high school and junior high. Which is ridiculous because am a model but I just believed it and now I can't even look at pictures of my self with out thinking that am ugly. So what I need to know is will this stop will I feel better one day? Or will I always be sad? What can I do?


Sorry for bothering you

Hello Josee,

I am sorry to hear about your trouble and my strongest recommendation for you is to discuss  with a local psychologist as soon as possible.
Regarding your final questions I believe that everybody is  capable to develop positive feelings but sometimes we need some  help in order to do this. The fact that you wrote this is already a step in that direction.
You could also imagine how your day could be if you wake up in the morning with a positive feeling, what things you will do, how your friend or your boyfriend will react.

I wish you all the best,
Ileana Truica

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I am certified by the Romanian College of Psychologists as a clinical psychologist since January 2010 and I have competencies in clinical evaluation and psychological counseling. Since November 2010 I am studying Clinical Hypnosis, Relaxation and Ericksonian Therapy and 2 months ago I started my activities as a psychotherapist assisted by my supervisor, using hypnosis and other techniques.

The Romanian College of Psychologists Romanian Association of Clinical Hypnosis, Relaxation and Ericksonian Therapy.

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