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I originally asked this question on 2/14/13 but never received an answer after receiving the receipt form where I asked the questions. So hopefully, it will get answered by you.

I am a recovering addict and alcoholic. I have been clean for almost 2 years this time. Before I had 4 years. How do I get over the desire to want to feel different or feel better? Sometimes I want to take extra medication to increase how good I am feeling. I don't do this but I have strong desires. How do I change this addictive thinking and desire. My pleasure center is pretty destroyed for cocaine and crack. Can you help me? Let me know if you need additional information, examples, etc...


To get beyond addictive thinking and desire, address the emptiness within. Often this emptiness comes from a childhood experience of loss or abuse. Also I recommend being part of a faith community to strengthen your faith, give you a sense of hope, meaning, belonging and support and a foundation for making healthy choices. For a free book to strengthen your faith go to

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