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hello i ve never really dreampt very much but recently been dreaming at night when awake but with eyes closed . thing is these dreams are very real its like being in a computer game. to the extent where i can go any where but as long as i know way i meet people speak to them .they speak i dont think of the answer i would like but i get one . i even took a girl out in her car because i asked to drive it . know this sounds crazy . i can open my eyes when ever i want. its goes .was walking every where before but realsed its a dream so now i float ,walk through doors i used to open.i know this all sounds good fun but its ruin my life because i cant stop to have normal sleep so i just get up and dont sleep. would really appreciate any ideas thanks. james . could tell you more but dont want to waste your valid time.

A changed of dreaming is usually caused by either medications (are you on any new medications? many medications or drugs cause vivid dreaming) or stress.  If not on any medications, then I would try to handle this change with some relaxation exercises before sleep (yoga, meditation, etc).  

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Dr. Daniel S. Harrop received his B.A. and his M.D., both from Brown, and his M.B.A. from the Edinburgh Business School, Scotland. Board-certified in adult and geriatric psychiatry, he is a past president of the R.I. Psychiatric Society and a member of the Committee on Medical Quality of the American Psychiatric Association and the Committee on Continuing Medical Education of the R.I Medical Society. He serves as a consultant to four of the top five major medical management companies, including OptumHealth/United Healthcare, Magellan Behavioral Health Services, ValueOptions and APS Healthcare, and maintains a private practice in Providence, R.I. He also serves as chief psychiatric consultant on the Medical Advisory Board at the R.I. Workers Compensation Court. He was formerly on the faculty at the medical schools at both Brown University and Harvard University.

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