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I very frequently hear my own voice silently (yet "loudly") speaking in my mind addressing and talking to me- much like hearing my own thoughts except that it asks me questions/ gives me orders/ makes statements etc and uses the words "You" (referring to me) or "We"(referring to me and the voice). It is benign but quite annoying (as although it is voiceless, it is loud enough that I'm always aware of it plus it is so constant) although many years ago I went through a period when it spoke very aggressively towards me. More recently I believed Jesus was talking to me through this voice of mine.  I was told that I have an inner voice, but not of the sort a psychotic might hear- 1)Do you agree with this or does it sound like a symptom of some type of mental illness- if so which type?
2) What are the differences between a voice a person with schizophrenia might hear and an "inner voice", i.e. what are the characteristics of each?
3) Does the fact that I thought Jesus was speaking to me possibly indicate schizophrenic delusions?

There is a very famous quote: When you talk to God, it is called prayer.......when God talks to you, it is called schizophrenia!!
The inner voice that one may hear is more 'felt' than 'heard loudly.' It may suggest rather than 'order, command, or talk aggressively.' I would suggest you to get a psychiatric consultation at your comfort.
Dr. Kalra

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1. Kalra G, Bhugra D. Mutual learning and research messages: India, UK and Europe. Indian J Psychiatry 2010;52(7 Suppl 3):S56-63. [doi: 10.4103/0019-5545.69211] 2. Kalra G, Gupta S, Bhugra D. Sexual Variations in India: A view from the west. Indian J Psychiatry 2010;52(7 Suppl 3):S264-8. [doi: 10.4103/0019-5545.69244]

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