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Tonight Mom (age 87) was watching TV with me in my bedroom. Her TV is not working (she will be buying a new TV soon).  Anyway two days ago there was a spider on the corner of one my bedroom walls near the window (not near my closet).   As we were watching TV tonight in my room the spider somehow landed on my bed so I swung at it and it disappeared.

Mom said "You always put your clothes on your bed, I never do, you see I always put my pants that I wear that day on my chair, and  you always tell me when we have company why are you making room in the coat closet for the guests coats you always tell me to put their coats on the bed, I refuse to put coats or clothes on a bed for that reason: spiders, bugs".

I told her that I am still going to put clothes on the bed, that what she feels is crazy"

How do I not care she feels that way and not feel uptight when I put my clothes from my closet on my bed when I need to?

Hello Debbie,

I am going to repeat myself somehow on this matter too, because I understand is kind of similar with the other question that you send me.
In order to have a pleasant cohabitation with your mother, you both should accept that you are different persons and you have different views. Discuss with your mother about the way you fell on this matter and ask her about her feelings too.

Wish you all the best,
Ileana Truica

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