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is the above term the  proper medical title for someone with more than one personality.
More importantly is there such a condition as of a person assuming a succession of single personalities one after another rather than more than one at one time, where some form of  mental catalyst causes one personality be dropped and another personality to be taken up. If so what would this  psychological disorder be called?

Dissociative Identity Disorder....

Bourru and Burot called Louis Vivé's states "variations of personality," seeing them as successive trance-like states. Their view was influenced by the great theorist of hypnotism, Hippolyte Bernheim, who noted that hypnotic states were merely special manifestations of altered states that people go into all the time. In a framework that makes one think of modern ideas about state dependent memory, Bernheim said that these various states become tied to memories of the specific events that occurred in those states. Bourru and Burot viewed Louis Vivé's personalities as successive hypnoid states of one individual, successive variations of one personality.

Pierre Janet went a step beyond. Working with hysterics he developed the concept of "dissociation," demonstrating that some individuals can form several psychic centers, each of which carries its own personal traits and may initiate actions (Janet 1887). Janet called these dissociated centers "personalities" and considered them not merely successive variations of the personality, as posited by Bourru and Burot, but psychic centers that coexist, each thinking and reacting simultaneously with the others. Janet's work concentrated on hysterics, where the personalities coexist and operate on subconscious levels, only occasionally taking over from the normal consciousness in hypnosis or automatic writing. He discovered that the subconscious personalities of the hysteric were constructed in response to traumatic events that formed subconscious fixed ideas that became the seeds of the new personalities. As it turned out, Janet's system was equally effective for understanding and treating multiple personality disorder, in which the various personalities spontaneously emerge to interact with the world.


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