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Did I overreact with what I said.

Today my mom (age 87) decided to switch the coats in the coat closet, putting the spring/summer coats on the side of the closet easier to get to for the coats and put the winter coats on the other side of the closet.

About an hour ago she asked me about four pairs of gloves that were on one of the shelves of the coat closet. She said "There are two gloves that dont have mates" I said to her "The rest of my gloves pairs and all are in the suitcase in your closet". She then said "Oh, so then I can put them up in the closet, or should I throw them out". This got me mad and I said to her she has no right to say "or should I throw them out, they are my possessions".

You see right away I kept thinking would she say that to me about my clothes if she had access to them.

Would you think she was including clothes or did I overreact. Keep in mind she does not or ever will have access to my clothes.

This was in the coat closet we both share. However, these gloves were not in my coat pocket they were on the shelf in the coat closet.

But what goes thru my mind is "what if" type of question. What if my clothes were in the closet we both have access to then what. My clothes are in tip top condition and I love all of them and I would be very upset if she asked me what she asked me about the gloves.

Hello Debbie,

I admit that it was kind of difficult for me to understand the issue here. So it is possible that my answer not to fit your question.
When we live with another person, especially with our mothers, conflicts could appear and it is natural to react in order to protect our intimacy and our "possessions". As long as our reaction is adequate and respectful, I don't see any problem.

Wish you all the best,
Ileana Truica

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