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Little bit about me im 23 yr old female has borderline personality disorder severe depression anxiety emotional disorder I dont want to tell or ask my therapst but few weeks ago I was woken up from my sleep with the covers being pulled off my I watched it be pulln to my feer I screamed my 4 yr olds name several times then looked there was nothing mow tonight I was stressed and I had ten clonazepam left n I took them a leaving an empty bottle later I go back to take my night medicine the bottle is there with 12 in it I freaked and searched my trash can my whole house top to bottom for an empty bottle of meds nowhere I dont know what's going on am I losing it

Hi, Jesse. Sorry to hear of your condition, and I'll be glad to try to help a little.

If you don't want to tell or ask your therapist, there's evidently some kind of trust issue, so I urge you to bring that up for discussion. That is, don't worry at the moment about WHAT you don't want to disclose, but please try to deal with the issue of your reluctance to disclose something that the therapist is there for. At the same time, you could bring up the fact that you were fine with disclosing it to a stranger (whose qualifications you cannot be sure of).

You should be able to work through this issue with your therapist, and then reconsider what and why you want to keep secret.

I hope that thought is useful to you. Undergoing psychotherapy is not an entirely natural procedure (especially in the midst of other concerns), and sometimes it takes a while to get the hang of it.

All the best to you, and it sounds like this is only a minor glitch on your road to coping. And it could even be a useful one in terms of the therapeutic process.


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