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Can you help me with some research for a piece of fiction I'm writing? Allow me to briefly describe the scenario I need help with.

The character I'm creating is a high-profile reporter for a major magazine. He and a photographer were embedded with some troops during the height of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq about 10 years ago. The unit they were embedded with was ambushed. Several of the guys got killed and the reporter and photographer were captured and held hostage for a week. They were tortured. A SEALs unit ended up rescuing them but the photographer died as result of his injuries.

My character gets married and seemingly has moved past his trauma. But it still affects him and even more after a tragedy in his family brings out his PTSD even more again.

Aside from nightmares, what are some ways that PTSD can come out? How is something like this treated? Is there a medication that can be prescribed for PTSD? What kind of therapy works for PTSD?

Thank you for your time and expertise.

most anything might trigger PTSD depending on the circumstances and individual: angry outbursts, addiction, difficulty with concentration, guilt, depression, suicidal thoughts, reliving the trauma, mental images of the trauma, etc.

can be treated through talk and group therapy, describing the trauma, drawing the trauma, identifying the related emotions and thoughts and triggers, developing a repertoire of distraction, refocusing on other thoughts/content

anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants may help relieve symptoms

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