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Hi Monique. I am wondering whether in your professional opinion you believe that sex offenders can be cured? Thank you for your time.

No, there is no cure for sexual deviancy.  

There is treatment available on both the inpatient and outpatient level.  Relapse prevention (recidivism) is the treatment goal.  

Check your state for their registered sex offender treatment provider roster.  There you will find a listing of professionals who have been specially trained to treat sexual deviancy.  This is one area of mental health where I do not recommend a person seek help  without being under the care of a professional specially trained in the treatment of sexual deviancy.

I hope his helps, here are some sites that may be resources for you:

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Center for Sex Offender Management

Kindest Regards,

Monique Thompson LPC

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I specialize in treatment for survivors of sexual trauma. My clinical work has also included work with sex offenders. This has afforded me with the unique exposure helpful in gaining a better understanding of this particular cycle of abuse. I welcome your questions on this subject matter.


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