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i am 45,male  and an employee in a company.earlier  i worked 4 different companies.whenever i retire from each company,during farewell party i am quickly starts crying(emotionally).i have to face new fare well party at my present company very soon.pls suggest me any  advance relaxation technique to face such situation

Hi Naushad,

What you are experiencing at present is anticipatory anxiety.  There are many, many techniques to use for this situation, I will review one for you.

Try this: Visualize the entire event, see the room entirely, notice the people who are there, notice their faces, notice the feel of the room, is it cold, is it warm, what colors do you see, notice the decorations, can you hear the music, smell the food, look at what you are wearing, notice how you are feeling emotionally, allow yourself to enter the room and remain in a calm state, watch as you talk to people, say your good byes, all the while remaining calm in your heart, as you leave the room, experience the gratitude of having had the experience of working for this company and say good bye.

Replay the scene, each time allowing yourself to feel the comfort of the moment and allow your emotions to be present but under your choosing.

If you have time, you might consider the following materials:

Mayo Clinic article "Relaxation techniques: Try these steps to reduce stress"

Harvard Medicine article "Relaxation techniques: Breath control helps quell errant stress response"

Good Luck! and thanks for writing.

Kindest Regards,

Monique Thompson, MA, LPC

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