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I've read all the other posts and feel my experiences are a little different.Sometimes when I close my eyes I see beautiful lights swirling and I hear also at times what sounds like an old reel,when this happens. The colors change and I feel such peacefulness with this.I also get tears at times during this.It seems to last no more than 10-15 minutes. I have seen the lights with eyes open only a few times but it doesn't seem to last long if my eyes are open & doesn't change.I also have seen silhouettes and people. Once one of them dressed in period clothes smiling. It's confusing for me but I feel it is a gift of sort that I don't understand. I also was awakened in the middle of the night by a male voice saying to me "Well hello there". I woke then went back to sleep. The next morning I admit I was scared when I realized this happened. Also I vividly dream things.When I say vividly.It at times seems to come to light later,  that I dreamed.Something to the nature of what is happening in waking life whether for me or  someone I know.Or even someone I don't know & even the media.Although in different forms. Please help me to guide myself in understanding "Me"
Thank you

When falling asleep or awakening many people experience what are called "hypnogognic hallucinations."  It has to do with the sleep mechanism.  It is perfectly normal and means nothing.

Many people dream vividly.  Various drugs, legal and illegal, can intensify this.  Again, this means nothing, it just happens.  

Sorry, but there is nothing special about anything you report.  Lots of people have the same things.

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