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Hello Dr. Monique. I understand this might not be the best site for this, but I have question regarding a research paper that I must complete prior Friday midnight. This assignment is about choosing a topic in reference to a human psychology, and write a research paper about it. In your opinion, if you were teaching this class ( I understand you might not be teacher ), what topic you'll be interest in reading, and how you would like the student to addressed?

Dear Hector,

Human psychology is a really wide topic.  My best advice is to choose something you've been curious about and write the paper on that topic.  Your natural curiosity will help you stay invested in reading about the topic and will help you to keep your energy level high for this task.

I teach online for the University of Phoenix and have taught psychology courses for Westwood College.  What I am most interested in seeing my students do is write a well constructed paper.  Select a strong thesis.  Do not plagiarize.  Have someone proofread your paper before you submit it for grading.

Here are some websites that may be useful to you:

General APA Guidelines

Writing a strong thesis

Popular topics in psychology

Thank you for writing!  I hope this helps.

Kindest Regards,

Monique Thompson, M.A., LPC, LPC-S  

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