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QUESTION: I am spending a nice life, But still some minor problems are creating messy in my happiness. They are:

1) Sometimes , for no reason I use to feel jealous.
For example: if I am with a person and that person talk to another person. In this case, I feel so bad and jealous. I want that, if a person is with me, then that person should be with me always. That person should be mine always.
I don't want my peoples (those who are with me) should be others friends too.
I know that my thoughts are ridiculous and that can't be possible, that a person should be my friend only. But what should I do my thoughts are uncontrollable.

2) My second problem is that I can't accept new people and sudden change in my life and in my daily routine.
For example: if someone comes suddenly in my home and that person say that he/she will be in my home for next 3 or 4 days.
In this case I will be so disturbed by the sudden presence of that person.
I like people come in my home and stay there for long but I want they should inform me early, so then I can set my mind for that.

3) My third problem is dealing with different minds.
I can't deal with a different mind
For example: if I am sitting in a room with 4 to 5 different persons and  they all are talking, if someone talks about something which I  don't like or disagree about that thing, then I feel so bad and my mood swings completely and I began to dislike that person.
Accepting new and different persons and sudden changes of life and daily routine is disturbing me a lot.
Please help me!
I will be thankful to you!

ANSWER: Hello, Ali

You have made a good first step in defining what causes you discomfort. I can tell you that the nature of the problems is common, especially with young people, and that the extent seems a little higher than usually seen.

The next step is to plan strategies to cope with such situations, and for this, the best method is to work with somebody local who is trained in handling social misinterpretations.

I don't know what kind of mental health resources are available in Bahrain, but I'm sure you can find some kind of adviser or trainer to discuss this with. A psychiatrist is not called for, but possibly a clinical psychologist, counselor, or other qualified professional could help you learn how to interpret social interactions and manage your comfort level.

I hope this suggestion was helpful, but please feel free to send a follow-up question.  


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QUESTION: Mental health resources are not too good in Bahrain. Some are available there  but they are too costly. So I want to know that, which kind of a counselor or qualified professionals I need and thus they are available online? Do you have any suggestions.
I hope you will help me.

I'm not aware of any other online source of advice, although I'm sure they exist somewhere.

I suggest you start by researching what is available. For instance, find any mental-health professional and ask. Or see if there's a listing for Bahrain Psychological Association or somesuch. Or ask at the psychiatric or psychology wing of a major hospital.  Or try the phone book Yellow Pages if you have them.

Then, once you know what counseling is available, ask how you can get some help at minimal cost. For instance, there may be a public clinic, or group sessions, or a psychology department looking for supervised practice for the senior students.

Let me know what you find out.


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