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I have been getting a weird feeling in my chest area that feels like a heart beat over the past week. It has been somewhat frequent, occurring about every 5-15 minutes. I also get dizzy often, nausea and tight muscles, as well as hold/cold hands and feet. I am also a persistent worrier who gets frightened extremely easily. Some of my friends are saying it could be an anxiety disorder, but they don't know enough to be able to say for sure. One of my friends also believes I could have social anxiety because of how i act in social situations. I was just wondering if it could be an anxiety disorder of some sort or if I have nothing to worry about?

Hello Sarah,

I am very sorry for my late answer.
My recommendation for you is to consult a psychologist from your area in order to clarify this things. You could also make some medical investigations. Your friends can not put you a diagnostic but if they confirm your inner feeling that something is not quite wright, the best thing to do is to consult a specialist.
Wish you all the best,

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