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Hello Daniel,
I am trying to understand what is happening with my nephew and hope to find help for him.
My nephew is 30 years old. At this moment he stopped bathing, he doesn't leave his room, he doesn't comunicate with outside world at all. About 9 month ago he moved back with his mom (my sister) and since then left home maybe 4 times. It is getting worse every day.
Few years back he lost his job, which was his own fault. Didn't do much to find a new job. But the big change happened when he start using hallucinogenic drugs specially ketamine. One day it was so scary we managed to take him to ER and he was admited to the psychiatric department. It happened twice. He blamed his mother for all of what happened. After for about two years he lived on his own without any contact with family. Now he is back in his mom home. When I stop by he won't talk, he doesn't want anyone is his room.  I wish I can get him therapy but how do I get him to go?
Thank you very much for any suggestion.

Tell him he needs to have a physical exam every year, and now it is time. He may be psychotic or schizophrenic. His life and others may be in danger if he becomes suddenly suicidal/homicidal. This is an urgent matter.

Call the police and have him arrested for illegal drug possession.  

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