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Hello, I'm 16 years old and was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder (I was never told what type) during a stay in a psychiatric hospital after two years of self harm and a suicide attempt. I've been noticing for a while that I'm prone to emotional confusion or numbness, like I'll respond to a lot of things with an emotion that's completely inappropriate for the situation or with no emotion at all and I was wondering if that was a part of the disorder? Or if maybe my history of emotional and sexual abuse could have been a part of that? I haven't been taking any medication since I was discharged on July 2nd and I haven't been seeing any kind of counselor or mental health professional since then either, which is why I came here with my question.
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People with your symptoms sometimes have a background of some kind emotional or physical abuse or abandonment.

Here is a list of questions you could answer for more understanding:
Introduce Yourself
1.What is your first name?
2.What is your age and gender?
3.What is your marital status? Single, married, separated, or divorced? How long? Explain the reasons for separation(s) or divorce(s). What happened?
4.What is your race, ethnic, or cultural background? Caucasian, Chinese, East Indian, Aboriginal, Other?
5.What are your children's genders and ages? If they are adults, give their occupations and marital situation.
6.Do you live alone or with someone? How long?

What Happened?
7.What problems and concerns do you have now?
8.What emotions have you been having and what is each one about? Fear, anger, frustration, guilt, sadness, low self-worth, despair, other feelings?
9.How long have you been feeling this way? (for each feeling or problem)
10.What happened at the time you began feeling this way?
11.When have you felt like this in the past and what happened?
12.Any health problems? E.g. epilepsy, diabetes, etc.
13.Any counseling or hospitalized for emotional reasons? How old were you? Please give the reasons.

The Family You Grew Up In and Your Childhood
14.How many brothers and sisters do you have? Give each person's gender, age, occupation, and marital situation.
15.Which one are you in the line of birth? First, last, second or third, etc. How many years separate you from the others nearest you?
16.Who were you closest to when growing up?
17.Are your parents still living? What was your age at their death?
18.Have your experienced any other deaths of family members or friends? What was your age?
19.Describe your father's (and step-father's) personality and your relationship to him when you were growing up. Were you close, not so close, distant, affectionate? Give an example of something that happened that shows this and how old you were.
20.Talk about how your relationship with your father (or father figure) during childhood may have affected you in both positive and negative ways.
21.How have the negative experiences with your father figure(s), come up again in your relationships with other people up to now?
22.Describe your mother's (and step-mother's) personality and your relationship to her when you were growing up. Were you close, not so close, distant, affectionate? Give an example of something that happened that shows this and how old you were.
23.Talk about how your relationship with your mother (or mother figure) during childhood may have affected you in both positive and negative ways.
24.How have the negative experiences with your mother figure(s), come up again in your relationships with other people up to now?
25.What were your spiritual or religious beliefs before age 10 and how have your beliefs changed since then?
26.What was your role in the family when you were growing up? Think of a word, e.g. peacemaker, black sheep, victim, outsider, assistant parent, invisible, baby, etc.? Give an example of what happened.
27.Describe your parents' relationship. Were they affectionate? How did they deal with conflict? Give an example of what happened.
28.Was anyone in the family or extended family ever hospitalized for emotional reasons or commit suicide? Any mental retardation?
29.How did family members relate to each other when you were growing up? Give an example.
30.How were feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and guilt expressed? Give an example.
31.Describe a time when you were disciplined that was most painful for you. How old were you? What happened?
32.What personality features do you have which your parents also have?
33.Who was there for you when you were hurt as a child?
34.What messages about your worth and the worth of others, was communicated by each parent both verbally and nonverbally?
35.How old were you when you left home, and why did you leave?
36.If you had miraculous power to change your family when you were growing up and your childhood in any three ways, what would you choose?
37.If your family experience had been different in the ways you mentioned above, how do you imagine your life might be different today?
38.Do you know if your mother had any problems with your birth?

Your School Experience and Friends
39.What was the first day of school like?
40.How many moves and school changes occurred during school years? How old were you, what grades did you move and why?
41.Describe your relationships with teachers.
42.Describe your relationships with peers.
43.Do you believe you achieved your best in school? Why? What grade or education level did you complete? What happened?
44.Did you have a group of friends during the first six grades? If not, why?
45.Did you have one or two very close friends as a teenager? If not, why?
46.Did you tend to be a follower or a leader with friends as a teenager?
47.How old were you when you first started go out with someone (or dated)?
48.Do you have a satisfactory network of friends, family, groups? Describe these briefly.
49.How would you describe the types of people you associate with? (What is your role with friends and acquaintances? Helper, victim, other?)

Your Work Experiences
50.How old were you when you first went to work?
51.What types of jobs have you had and how many? Why did you leave each job?
52.What has been your role at work? Helper, invisible, responsible, victim, other? And how have you gotten along with bosses?

Your Social Life and Relationships
53.What was your first date like for you?
54.How old were you with your first sexual experience? And first intercourse?
55.How many sexual partners have you had over time? And what is your sexual preference or orientation? (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual)
56.Describe your partner’s personality and your relationship. Aggressive, passive, abusive, caring, other? And describe previous meaningful relationships, their personalities, and why they ended.

Your Legalities, Use of Substances, Financial Situation
57.Have you had any past arrests, warrants, charges, suits against you? How old were you and what were they about?
58.What amount of debt do you have?
59.Any drug or alcohol use? Why do you use it? Has anyone complained that you use too much or too often?

Your Mood
60.Have you ever had suicidal thoughts at any time in your life? How old were you? What happened?
61.What is your mood right now on a scale of zero (0) to 10, with zero meaning ‘life is not worth living’ and 10 meaning you are very optimistic and life is wonderful? What number do you give your mood?
62.Any thought of wanting to harm yourself or anyone else?

Your Final Thoughts and Understandings  
63.What are your greatest strengths? And what skills or abilities do you currently have the most confidence in?
64.Having looked at your life from early days until now, what do you think may have contributed most to your present difficulties?
65.Of all the questions above, what has been most difficult for you to face?
66.If you were to continue on a path of change and growth what would you hope to achieve or what would be your goals in counselling?
67.What has it been like completing your Life Story Questionnaire?

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