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Hi, I am writing about my 9 yr old son. He has high anxiety and our pediatrician recommended speaking to a psychologist. I am worried it will make him more self conscience about it. I had high anxiety, I was told as an adult it was actually childhood psychosis and I always said I would get my children help if I thought they had it as well. Now I'm just not sure. I think if he thinks something is wrong w/ him it will just get worse. He is also ADHD and gifted, and I hear some symptoms of that coincides with anxiety.
Some of his quirks are, definitely food, he only eats certain foods and if I try to get him to try anything he will gag and spit it up. He is very afraid of knives, when putting up the dishes he makes everyone get out and he carries one at a time and if one should happen to fall he screams and freaks out, when brothers try to get him to calm down he says 'it could have cut off my toe and you don't even care". I have showed him how dull our knives were, their is no way it would even nick it. He is scared of chocolate, he thinks his tongue swelled when he at it as a baby so he thinks he is allergic #he thinks he is allergic to milk to but he isn't I had him tested to prove it to him# and if anyone comes at him w/ it #like brothers annoying...# he will freak out and scream. I have even seen him wear disposable gloves to move chocolate away from his papers. It is starting to affect him socially, he started ritilan b/c he was annoying the other kids #he is a bit immature#, at the relay race I found him on the ground pouting and when I asked why he said everyone was yelling at him and hated him. I said oh poor thing, what were they saying? They were saying 'go, go, faster, faster'. They were saying it to everyone but he didn't notice that. Another student even came over to see about him and tried to make him feel better so it's not like the kids really don't like him, he just thinks they don't. He is immature (and the third of five kids so definitly middle child syndrome going on) but uses a large vocabulary so it doesn't help when trying to make friends. He has matured over the summer, but his anxiety has increased, he sits in his room all the time and when he talks to us, he basically only talks to me, and he whispers in my ear and twirls his hands the whole time he is out of his room. Should I wait until he is older? He does seem to be better when he is taking his medicine, he doesn't have a fit when his little brother touches him.
He doesn't have daily anxiety attacks as I did (nightly, I was afraid of the dark# so maybe he isn't as bad as I think? Maybe I'm just worried and looking into it to much b/c Im his mom and had it myself?

I think that it is very import to go to a psychotherapist because will be better for an accurate evaluation. It will be better for the child to discuss with someone specialised about his fears. I'm sure you see the things from your point of view but in this case you have to see another option.

I hope you will go.

Good luck.

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I am a certified Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist by the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy, European Association for Psychotherapy. I practice psychotherapy in accordance with the ethical code of those institutions.

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