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I think in this person. As in, "She is this" or "She did this." I usually think in this way when I'm imagining what I think other people think of me/I want them to think of me/they see in me.
Other times, I will think in both first and second. If I'm berating myself I will often say, "You're an idiot," as though I'm in front of myself talking to myself.

Another thing I do is, if I'm imagining myself doing something, I will rarely imagine myself doing it, but rather I'll watch myself do it. I'm still able to experience things and I still feel it, but I watch myself do it instead of doing it myself.

Are these things to be concerned about? I don't know if they're abnormal.

I don't see any problem, Jess. I would term it unusual rather than abnormal, and everybody's unusual in some way. Some people go even further, imagining themselves to be as if in a motion picture that they're watching from the outside.  It seems to be a mental habit that usually decreases with age.

But I should add, as I always do, that because we don't have a professional relationship, you should take my comments as not coming from an authority but as from a friend or neighbour.

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