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Firstly, thankyou for taking the time to read my questions and hopefully response with your knowledge.

I'm Jonathan, 22 years old from the United Kingdom. Until recently, I have been a happy, healthy young man. I am in a stable relationship, home-owner, financially stable and in general good health.

Recently, a new employee started within my company at work, lets call him P. Until P joined, I thoroughly enjoyed my work. Gradually, it has become increasingly frustrating, because of P! I cannot complain to management, as P is a close friend of theirs, nor can I personally confront him due to repercussions of losing my job!

Over the past 3 weeks, I have been hearing 3 different voices in my head, all of different tones, different "personas" and different motives. The first voice, is that of my girlfriends Kacy. Kacy and I have been together 3 years, stay together, have a completely healthy and happy relationship. When Kacys voice appears, its a reassuring voice. The second voice is that of someone unknown, possibly non human? They talk exceptionally fast in a low mono-tone voice, what they are saying isn't obvious. The next voice, the last voice is that of an angry demonic sounding man. Who, when I get angry screams inside my head telling me to inflict injury upon this person,in vivid graphic detail. Then, Kacys voice appears, arguing with the 3rd voice, which is uncontrollably painful inside my head. Generally, Kacys wins, however there have been times it hasn't. The aggression of the "voice" is growing stronger and stronger, as is the strength and control of the voice.

What is causing this? Not only is this my only problem, I also had  a full conversation with what I thought was Kacy this morning upon realizing she was still awake and I was having a overcompensation with her voice in my head, for 30 minutes without realizing!

As mentioned, I have been in perfect health including mental capabilities and health with no mental health issues raining in the family. I am of the understanding that it is stress related? However, my concern is growing, as is the voices. Kacys mother is schizophrenic and this sounds extremely similar to her first symptoms.

I cannot take time from work, or resign. Nor can I attend a doctor with my queries as in the UK we will be signed off work for a period of time.

Again, thank you.


Dear Jonathan
I understand your concerns re not being able to visit a doctor considering that you may be signed off work, but isn't there a way out of this? I mean you should be able to visit a health practitioner somehow.
Do you have a family history of any mental illness in your own family?
What you describe appears less stress related & more of auditory hallucinations which could be sign of a mental illness, so my suggestion & request to you would be visit a MHP who can assess you thoroughly & advice accordingly.  

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