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I donít know if this is psychological or not, but when I look at people (or watch celebrities in movies or on television), the first things I notice are their: Eyes; hands; feet; and lips. I donít know why I notice them, but I was hoping to get a general explanation. It isnít just the celebrities/people that I like, it is everyone around me.

So my question is, is there a general explanation why I make these observations? And also, does it indicate any kind of mental illness?


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for trusting me with your question.

We all have our own tendencies when it comes to focus (be it audio, visual, etc). There are some things that are more "ingrained" in us. Things like lips, eyes, and hands are pretty common for individuals to focus on. We use our eyes, lips, and hands to communicate. It's only natural for us to focus on them. Does that make sense?

Do your observances bother you? Are they obsessive or do they disturb you?

I wouldn't be concerned as observing things about others is a great thing. It helps put you in the present (the here and now) and not tuning or zoning out.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!



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