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TToday my primary doctor referred me to behavioral health services to be evaluated for ADHD and i was wondering if you could tell me what types of tests i could expect.

thank you

Sure, Kay.

I think you can expect a gentle interview to find out who you are, what kind of person you are.  

Then I'd expect an interview "history" to be taken, focusing on mental health issues and your experiences with difficulties and how you handle them.

Psychological tests, perhaps to assess any cognitive (thinking) problems might be administered, but not necessarily.

This is all in the service of determining what tools they have that could benefit you. These days there's less emphasis on what you have, what the diagnosis is, what label should be stuck on you, and much more on what you do or don't want, and what can be realistically accomplished, and how best to do it.

There's nothing in the assessment procedure that you should expect to be troubling in any way.

Hope that helps a bit, and the best of luck with the outcome.


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