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hi.i was weaning off sertraline 100 mg.i was on it for 4 years for panic disorder.i was feeling great and desided to quit.i started lowering the dose.two weeks on 75 mg,two weeks on 50,two weeks on 25,and two week on 25 mg every other day.that was when i got realy depressed.the depression was bad and i decided to start it my question is-will 100 mg of sertraline will work the same the second time around or will i need to take something else?i apologize about my poor english.thank you

It would be improper on several levels for me to advise questioners on their specific treatment. But I can offer some generalities, Nikola.  

Because response to antidepressant medication, whether a single medication or a combination, tends to be rather individual, some practitioners invite their patients to self-monitor and adjust the dosage on their own (within limits), suggesting only that (1) any changes up or down be gradual, (2) any self-assessments not be made until one or two months on a given regimen have passed, and (3) external situations that can influence depression be taken into account.

Another generality is that the pharmaceutical in question is prescribed when the symptoms imply an imbalance in the brain chemistry (specifically the neurotransmitter serotonin). If the drug is effective, the implication becomes stronger, as does the assumption that the body needs it for proper functioning.  

Thanks for asking us, and I hope the above was of interest to you. For the record, your English is quite flawless. (Well, you could start a sentence with a space and a capital letter.)


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