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Hello Sir !
i am F , 23yrs old
While using laptop if turn i on music it don't make me happy . Infact music never made me happy. problem is what is alternative for me if i want to do work while enjoying it ?Even watching movie rarely effect my mood .. Sometimes it refreshes me other times it is like doing another work. Also if i practice religion it is again for me like doing some work.
I Nap does boost my energy , nd make me happy but i can't take that many naps . :)
can u suggest me something that can refresh me or that i can enjoy while doing work or in break ??

Hello Mahreen

People differ in what makes them happy. And happiness is often more internal than external, that is, people either are or are not generally happy, and the environment has little effect on them.

I suggest you just keep trying different activities and pursuits, to see what, if anything, gives you the results you want. It may be reading, exercising, meditating, game-playing, talking, listening, etc.  And if you find something that seems to work, expect it to change a little over the years, as we ourselves change.

I hope those comments will help a little, and I thank you for asking us.


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