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I feel so horrible about myself. Usually people can't even imagine about the death of their loved ones because it is unbearable. But I have been imagining my parents dying. Why is it so? And how can this be? Am I abnormal?

Hello, Nimi, nice to hear from you.

Sadly, everyone will die, and usually that happens to parents before it happens to the children. You were simply smart enough to realize that, and normal enough to be upset by the thought.

You can't keep them alive beyond the date they are to go. But you can be pleasant and helpful to them while they are still here. You know, Nimi, almost every person feels guilt when their parents die. With your awareness that our time here is limited, you can be one of the rare exceptions who was so good to the parents that their passing will cause only sadness but no regret or guilt.

I hope what I said will help a little, and thank you for asking us.


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