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hello, im a 19 yo caucasian boy, my life is put through hell everyday because people are staring at me. everywhere i go i notice people staring at me. its not a glance, its a solid stare, and they dont stop until i stare back. whenever i turn around someone is staring. i used to think i just thought about it too much but its gotten worse and im now more positive people stare. ive never had a history with any mental problems other than this. i know if i ask someone they will just say people dont stare at me, and i know i sound crazy but im not and im %1000000 positive people stare. its as obvious as the sky is blue.

i was a daily weed smoker (untill now i quit) and i used to get high and not have problems then i would notice i shake alot (the kind of shaking like when you take a picture of someone and they are just uncomfy and shake) and i would be scared that someone will notice and stare. and it started happening, people would stare, i tried to ignore it but it only got worse. i then notised this happening even when im sober. it is very scary. its as if i have a huge tv on my head and people just watch. i even think that i have something like a growth or some other thing just on my head that people stare at, but if i looked in a mirror i looked normal.

its gotten to the point where i notice some people recording me with their phones (i can see the red light that comes on when they start recording). oftenly when i have a friend over to spend the night i wake up to them blaintanly staring at me... ive noticed if im thinking of something inappropriate or sexual i get the most stares( almost like im thinking out loud without speaking)

i would see a psychiatrist but i dont have the money and dont want to ask my parents cause its very weird and awkwartd to bring up. someone help, if this is a condition or if you know how to solve it.

thank you

Hi, alek, thanks for your question. You asked, "someone help, if this is a condition or if you know how to solve it."

The answer is, that if a problem bothers you, then it would benefit you to seek help for that problem. Thus, I would suggest that you seek counseling. Now, the question is - how do you pay for it? The options likely are:

1. use your parent's insurance, if they have any
2. have your parents sign up for Obamacare, if they don't have insurance
3. go to the local community mental health center
4. find a local agency that gives free counseling
5. sign up for Obamacare yourself  

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